Perishable Cargo

EXIM Freight Logistics (BD) Limited is committed to ensure that your perishable shipments will arrive on time. Different kinds of perishables that EXIM has been handling include foodstuffs, agro-products, pharmaceuticals, live stocks & more. Freshness is always maintained, as the products are stored in the cool rooms and freezers where the temperature is systematically controlled. The advanced facilities can hold dozens of ready-built aircraft pallets, and EXIM aims to further expand such services in the future and meet the growing demands.

Perishables Transported
We provide logistics services for the following products:

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Meats / Fish and Seafood
  • Livestock
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Any other Cool Chain Necessities

It is essential that the air waybills for perishable shipments are completed and should be accurate in all respects. Full name, address and telephone number of the shipper and consignee must be mentioned. Temperature requirements must be indicated in the air waybill and may be marked on packages in bold letters below the name and address of the consignee.